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Calfeutrage Rive-Sud is 10,000+ windows caulked, 1,000+ satisfied customers, and 100,000+ caulks applied!

Our achievements

Above all, your satisfaction

A satisfied customer leads to another. Our mission continually pushes us to redouble our efforts and motivates us to pursue our primary objective, which is to earn and then maintain your trust so that, in turn, you can refer us to a future satisfied customer.

Looking for a reputable caulking company? Dynamic caulkers who intervene quickly in addition to offering you quality work at a competitive price? Let Calfeutrage Rive-Sud satisfy you!

Satisfied customers


Actual testimonials from our satisfied customers!

Jo Stlo

Excellent customer support and accompaniment of the customer in the study of the problem. It was very pleasant to discuss with them and to feel listened to. Great professionalism and respect for customers.

Mat Wize

I had excellent service from Simon. He gave me good advice on what affects mice etc. On the quality of caulking application. Thanks again Simon!

Sophie Paradis

We had excellent service, work done with meticulousness and professionalism. A big thank-you!

Vanessa Parent

Great service! A company run by passionate professionals at the service of their customers. Thank you for this wonderful work and all your good advice.


Our services :

Our experienced caulking teams are happy to take care of your caulking project with a HIGH END QUALITY product. Residential commercial condo and industrial caulking are our expertise so whatever is your project one of our Calfeutrage rive sud team can assist you from the beginning to the end of the project and even after ! We have the experience and the best product to solve your issues.

Our mission is to give customers the most compelling caulking experience possible. Check out now what our experienced caulking specialist could do for your building.

Door and window stone sill Caulking

Do you know what a window sill is? This is the sill at the bottom of the window on your exterior wall.

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Expansion joints

Do you have a problem with the insulation or cracks in your home? The Calfeutrage Rive Sud team brings you all its expertise in installing expansion joints.

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Kitchen and bathroom caulking

To redo the caulking in the bathroom, you can contact our team of experts, Calfeutrage Rive-Sud.

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Sealant joints

Do you have a problem with insulation or water leaks? The Calfeutrage Rive Sud team brings you all its expertise in installing sealant joints.

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