Door and window stone sill caulking

Do you know what a window sill is? This is the sill at the bottom of the window on your exterior wall. The sill is usually made of concrete, wood, or aluminum and is primarily used to redirect water away from your exterior wall. For brick houses, it even reduces the risk of the bricks shattering.


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This piece, which seems to be more of a decorative choice than a practical one, actually plays a very important role. It is therefore crucial not to neglect it; a costly mistake that many homeowners have learned the hard way.

Rive-Sud Calfeutrage is a company specializing in caulking products and services. Our specialists are able to take care of the sill caulking at the same time as your window caulking. Discover all the advantages of caulking a window sill and why choose our experienced caulkers for your caulking work.

Materials that meet very high quality standards

For professional, fast and efficient caulking work, you can trust our team. Our experienced caulkers work with the best sealants in the industry, industrial grade products. In this way, we are able to guarantee a lasting and impeccable end result.

Why caulk a window sill?

Just like caulking your window, properly caulking a sill reduces the risk of water infiltration. A cracked brick window sill has serious consequences. For example, water can seep into the crack and cause the brick to shatter. If you don’t have a brick wall, water can still slip behind the wall and accelerate fungus growth.

Mold problems are not insignificant, because they affect the structure of your building as much as the health of the residents. What’s more, the majority of window sills are made of asphalt, cement or concrete. Stone is a friable material, and water is its main enemy. With freezing and thawing, the stone sill deteriorates and becomes a weakness in the sealing of your window.

However, even with an aluminum window sill, you have to remember to inspect it. Nothing says that a gasket doesn’t need to be caulked, at some point or another.

If you notice a crack in your masonry sill, it is strongly recommended that you caulk it quickly to avoid costly problems.


Window sill caulking: the Caulking Rive-Sud service

Our door and window stone sill caulking service is offered to residents of Greater Montreal and the South Shore. We offer fast, courteous and long-lasting service thanks to our proven caulking techniques and our exceptional quality products.

Whatever your caulking project, our specialists are able to help you. We have many years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial caulking and are ready to take on any challenge, no matter how small.

We also offer a wide variety of colors for your sealant. In this way, we can guarantee both the aesthetics and the durability of our work. If you need help choosing a color, our specialists can suggest options that will perfectly match your decor.

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Do you have a window sill to caulk? Use our quote request form now. For any questions regarding door and window sill caulking, our products or services, contact us. A member of our team will take your call and will try to answer all your questions with great pleasure.

Choose Calfeutrage Rive-Sud for your window sill caulking

For work that gives you unparalleled peace of mind, choose our experienced caulkers! From your first call, you will be taken care of by our team. Our mission is to create a bond of trust with our customers and to make you feel that your work is in the hands of a competent team.

We also take the time to do the work before claiming payment. This is our way of thanking you for your trust and ensuring your satisfaction.

Door and window stone sill Caulking

Do you know what a window sill is? This is the sill at the bottom of the window on your exterior wall.

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