Kitchen and Bathroom Caulking Services on the South Shore

To redo the caulking in your bathroom, you can trust our team of experts, Calfeutrage Rive-Sud. We specialize in bathroom caulking services and products.


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The best bathroom caulking materials and joints

The products we use are the best on the market. These quality materials are exclusively industrial-grade and not from just any commercial brand. The quality of bathroom caulking products is essential for an optimal result. We take care to be aware of the market to offer you the best possible caulking service in Montreal.

Thanks to the services of our experienced caulking professionals, the final result of any caulking job carried out is durable and impeccable. If you are thinking about redoing the caulking in your bathroom or your entire house, we are at your disposal to provide you with all our know-how.

Protection against water infiltrations and mold growth in bathrooms

The caulking in your bathroom should be renewed when it gets damaged. Not only is this not very attractive, but it can also cause water damage and infiltrations, which can result in the appearance of mold and the deterioration of the wall support and finishes of your property. These may lead to costly repairs.

Bathroom caulking pastes fill and seal the gaps in different finishing materials. The major benefit of bathroom caulking is that it ensures the waterproofing of your entire room, especially the shower or bathtub area, the joints between tiles, and the corners where two ceramic-covered walls meet. Combined with a new window caulking, you can say goodbye to most and mold for good.

What to do in this situation?

At the first signs of moisture and stains on the waterproof sealant, it is therefore important to quickly consider repairing them to prevent water infiltrations. You can do this yourself with kitchen or bathroom silicone caulking while following the conditions of use in the manual. But calling on caulking experts ensures that you get durable, mold-resistant fixtures.

We offer our know-how to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. You can check out our achievements with interest for a preview of our work. We offer a wide selection of caulk colours. In addition to the effectiveness of our products, we therefore guarantee aesthetically appealing work that is in harmony with your bathroom design.

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Do you have a bathroom caulking project? Use our quote request form to share your project with us. You can also contact us by phone during our business hours. We will give you all our advice for the caulking of any room of your house.

Calfeutrage Rive-Sud advises you on the caulking of your bathroom

Trust our team to carry out your caulking projects. We’re experienced and update our knowledge to offer you a result worthy of your expectations. Our priority is your satisfaction. Benefit from our professional caulking services now by contacting us!

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