Installation of expansion joints

Do you have a problem with the insulation or cracks in your home? The Calfeutrage Rive Sud team brings you all its expertise in installing expansion joints.

These are essential to ensure the durability of a building. They help facilitate continuous movement within the structure of your home, which may be due to the expansion or contraction of sealant joints. This expansion or contraction takes place during temperature variations or during bad weather.


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Our experts advise you to install them and renew them when necessary. You thus avoid various infiltrations, such as wind, rain or air. With our knowledge of window and house caulking, we guarantee the proper insulation of your home.

Expansion joints are offered for sale in different formats. Calfeutrage Rive Sud helps you to choose them well according to the problem you encounter and in the context of the renovation or construction of your house.

Calfeutrage Rive Sud helps you identify your expansion joint needs

Generally, expansion joints are placed in the concrete to limit the formation of expansion cracks which can be due to temperature changes. These expansion joints are placed in buildings or houses constructed of concrete. They are installed in foundations, walls or around paving slabs.

If we recommend installing this type of joint, it is because concrete is not an elastic substance. And to avoid the harmful effects due to the movements of the concrete, it is necessary to incorporate expansion joints. These must be carefully designed, located and installed.

Specificities of expansion joints

Expansion joints allow thermal contraction and expansion without inducing stresses in the elements. They are designed to safely absorb the expansion and contraction of building materials. They gently accompany these materials when there is movement or settling of the ground.
They are the guarantee, for you, of living in a house that is secure in all circumstances and for a long time.


Calfeutrage Rive Sud advises you on the installation of expansion joints

It is important to install or replace your expansion joints when you encounter problems of contraction or expansion of the floors. If you do not deal with this failure quickly, complications could arise, such as the appearance of cracks. The work could then cost more than expected.
Call on our team of home caulking experts to help you install expansion joints.

We are happy to provide you with all the help you need during the installation or renovation of your home. We guarantee fast, efficient and long-lasting work to prevent water infiltration. We have many, many years of experience.

We work with the best equipment on the market and our achievements speak for themselves. You can call on us for any trip in the greater Montreal area and throughout the South Shore. Our team will answer you with great pleasure.

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