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Are you searching for a specialist in Montreal to take care of the caulking of your doors and windows? Maybe you’re looking for a certified contractor in caulking of all kinds, for bathrooms, kitchens, thermos windows, and more? Calfeutrage Rive-Sud is the specialist to call for all your residential and commercial caulking services.


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Our company has specialized in caulking products and services for many years. Our experienced caulking experts have mastered the art of caulking and will carry out all your projects according to the rules of the art and industry standards. For attractive, effective, and impeccable results on every surface, trust our team.

Learn more about our service and how Calfeutrage Rive-Sud is your trusted company for your caulking needs.

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Carrying out a smooth caulking seal job isn’t as simple as it seems. Calling Calfeutrage Rive-Sud is a logical solution to ensure that the work is done properly when it comes to redoing your old sealant. We only use high-quality products and provide different caulking colour to protect your building while respecting its design.

High-quality caulking work in Montreal

Our team of caulking professionals works cleanly and only uses the best caulking material currently available on the market. Thanks to rigorous, proven joint application methods and our high-quality products, we are able to offer our customers exemplary service.

To hire a company that takes your satisfaction to heart, choose Calfeutrage Rive-Sud.

What does caulking mean?

Caulking is the work that consists of waterproofing a house using caulking products. You can add a new sealant or replace your current caulking. The main places to be sealed are:

Repairing the sealant joints on a building provides its share of benefits. No building is immune to weather conditions. Hiring our professional team to carry out caulking work in Montreal is a good way to ensure the waterproofing of your building and avoid costly problems such as water infiltration.

Window caulking in Montreal: why do it?

Infiltration of water encourages the formation of mold and water damages can easily compromise the integrity of the structure of your building. To avoid costly repairs, we strongly recommend using a reliable caulking service in Montreal to waterproof your home.

Waterproofing caulking carried out by tradespeople prevents water from seeping under your walls and causing damage.

Another advantage of having your home caulked is the reduction in your energy bills. A well-ventilated and well-sealed home will necessarily result in lower heating and cooling costs.

When to carry out the caulking of your home in Montreal?

Professional caulking will protect you for many years. If you believe it’s time to redo your sealant, don’t hesitate to contact us. From the first signs of air leak or water infiltration, call on professionals to inspect and caulk your building.

Watch out for signs of:

  • Mold (black spots on the walls)
  • Condensation
  • High humidity level in the attic
  • High energy bills

Experts for your caulking in Montreal

Entrust your job to Calfeutrage Rive-Sud; we regularly carry out work in Montreal. Our team of specialists is able to solve all your caulking joint problems.

Service for small, medium, and large projects!

Calfeutrage Rive-Sud serves the city of Montreal for small and large projects! We can help you with caulking your condo, house, triplex, or commercial properties! No matter the size of the contract, we are ready to take on the challenge.

Turnkey caulking service in Montreal for your building

Our professional team is proud to take charge of your commercial or residential caulking project and offer you unparalleled peace of mind.

Before caulking your house, we therefore take the time to inspect your building to determine the areas at risk and the work to be performed. Our specialists will therefore evaluate the quality of the sealant:

  • Around your doors and window frames (caulking projects at height, frames, apron walls, thermos windows, firewalls, etc.)
  • Of your gaskets and expansion joints (ventilation, roof elements, finishing, etc.)
  • In your bathroom (bathroom floors, taps, bathtub, shower, etc.)

When it comes to proper caulking, Calfeutrage Rive-Sud is one of the best caulking companies to contact. Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to carry out countless projects.

Questions about our caulking products and services? Don’t hesitate to contact us during our business hours. We will be pleased to take your call and answer all your questions about our services offered in the Montreal area.


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