Caulking Service in Ste-Julie

Looking for a door and window caulking pro in Ste-Julie? You want a contractor specializing in caulking of all kinds, anti-rodent, bathroom, kitchen, thermos glass and others. Calfeutrage Rive-Sud is the company to call for all residential and commercial caulking work!


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Your caulking specialist in Sainte-Julie

Redoing smooth caulking joints is not given to everyone. Calling Calfeutrage Rive-Sud is the easiest solution to ensure a job well done when you need to replace your old sealant.

We offer many caulking services for openings and your entire home, including:

  • door weather stripping
  • window caulking
  • Seals
  • Expansion joints
  • Water infiltration

Our caulking intervention

We make sure to always make clean joints and we only use superior quality materials. Calfeutrage Rive-Sud is there for all your projects and for all budgets.

Service area

Calfeutrage Rive-Sud serves the city of Ste-Julie for small and large caulking projects! A house, plex, or commercial building.

Why use caulking services in Sainte-Julie?

Refurbishment of the sealant joints on a house brings its share of benefits.

Prevent water infiltration

Unfortunately, even Ste-Julie is not sheltered from the rain. The new caulking joints will be applied by experienced caulkers, which will prevent water from seeping behind your walls and causing water infiltration problems in your walls.

Save money

In addition, repairing your joints allows you to save energy and will therefore lower the cost of the electricity bill.

Entrust your work to Calfeutrage Rive-Sud, we have been carrying out work for several years in Ste-Julie

Our team of specialists can solve all your caulking joint problems.


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