Caulking Services in Laval, QC

A well-insulated home is a source of comfort and security for the whole family. Our company, Calfeutrage Rive-Sud, offers a quality caulking service in Laval. Whether it’s for the application of residential caulking or the installation of doors and windows or exterior cladding, our team of experts is at your service.


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What does residential caulking in Laval involve?

Residential caulking is an operation that involves applying a sealant in the colour of your choice to insulate the openings between the different finishing materials of your building. By calling on a caulking expert, you ensure effective, long-lasting insulation for your home and family.

Door and window caulking

Among the different insulation solutions, caulking installation helps better insulate doors and windows at a low cost. Caulking involves applying a seal against the most sensitive part of the material to prevent air from circulating between the window or door and its frame.

Bathroom caulking

Applying bathroom caulking is essential because this is a very humid room, which can lead to a risk of mold in the event of poor insulation. It is particularly essential around toilets, showers, and sinks, which are the most at-risk spaces. Good insulation carried out by a team of professionals will prevent water infiltration, which can quickly cause significant deterioration.

Why call on a contractor for your caulking in Laval?

Relying on the services of caulking experts means ensuring that quality products are used for optimal, long-lasting insulation.

The risks of a poorly caulked house

A poorly caulked house allows air and water to seep inside. The first main risk is that it will be very difficult for you to maintain a suitable interior temperature. Heating costs can be enormous in the event of poor caulking in Laval. In addition to letting the outdoor coolness in, openings allow water, insects, and rodents to infiltrate your home.

It should be noted that pests can cause significant damage and make insulation defects worse. Opting for an anti-rodent caulking service therefore lets you protect your home from the risks of deterioration, but also protect your family from the potential diseases carried by these intruders.

The different caulking services offered in Laval

Calfeutrage Rive-Sud offers several types of quality caulking services in Laval and on the South Shore. We offer caulking installation work as well as the replacement of damaged seals in Laval. Our meticulous service allows for excellent adhesion of the chosen sealant to maximize its lifespan.

  • Door and window frames;
  • Bathroom caulking seals;
  • Chimney framing;
  • Repair of holes and cracks.

Calfeutrage Rive-Sud: your caulking expert in Laval

While the caulking operation may seem at first glance like a simple task to perform, it is more complex than it appears. In addition, caulking hard-to-reach parts of your building can become dangerous without the right equipment. This type of work is also governed by the Commission de la Santé et Sécurité au Travail (CNESST), the essential reference in terms of safety.

The experts from Calfeutrage Rive-Sud all have extensive experience in caulking services in the greater Montreal area. Contacting us means ensuring a perfect application for stylish, long-lasting, and burr-free caulking.

Don’t wait any longer; contact us for your caulking project in Laval. We offer turnkey and customized service.

Residential caulking

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Caulking Services in Laval, QC

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